Business ownership changes

Plasmablast Games is currently undergoing a business ownership change. This doesn't mean any change regarding the miniature lines or future plans. Also, the main mastermind behind it, Marios Damoulianos, will continue being as such. The only implication of any real concern is that in order to do everything legally the shop will have to be closed for a period of time, whose extent unfortunately as of yet is quite unknown. Could be two weeks but could also be three months. Also, the current bank situation in Greece makes PayPal money withdrawal impossible so it was deemed suitable to put the change forward at this point. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and promise to do everything in our power to return to normal order as soon as possible.



Business ownership change

Please look above at the announcement.


New minis here

After a long way and an arduous series of manufacturing problems, there are plenty of new minis available. For the Progenitors there are two new infantry types, namely the Covert Ops and the Support Infantry. You can check them out here.

For the Marhaf Legion there's plenty of new stuff: There is the Haedlus, a big and heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle that is designed to breach enemy fortifications and insert assault infantry while also supporting them. There is also the Ghizar, a scout APC with long range weaponry and infantry carrying capability. Finally, the Marhaf have their own infantry to speak of, four different types of them which you can check out here and here

We hope you'll like them!

special note: For those of you who worry about the financial situation in Greece, there's absolutely no reason to be worried. All miniatures are in stock and the post offices operate normally. So there's nothing stopping you from ordering and us from sending out the goods :)