Hi everybody,

At last, the Marhaf Legion is here. A project that took so much time has finally come to fruition. Visit the shop to see which miniatures are available and take a look at the news below for more details.



Delays, delays delays

To all the people who have expressed their interest and love for the Plasmablast miniatures, I owe a "thank you" first and foremost, but also an explanation and -why not an apology- for failing to release the rest of the Marhaf Legion minis according to my promises. I know that excuses haven't ever done any good to anyone so I won't make any. The thing is that the issue now is out of my hands completely since the minis have been in production for some time now but severe unforeseen problems in manufacturing (yet again) have prevented their release. That said, I have taken some measures that hopefully will remedy the situation and the minis will finally see the light of day. Given the situation, I won't dare give any release date, not even an estimate but I surely hope it will be before Christmas. At least I hope the as of yet undisclosed miniature that is to be released with the others, and which is the biggest of them all by a great measure, will partially make-up for all this waiting. So thank you for your patience, cheers to all!


Everything back in stock!

Following the disappearance of almost all initial Marhaf Legion stock, I'm in the happy position to announce that everything is in stock again, awaiting your orders. Happy shopping!