Hi everybody,

At last, the Marhaf Legion is here. A project that took so much time has finally come to fruition. Visit the shop to see which miniatures are available and take a look at the news below for more details.



Marhaf Legion is here

Yes, the Marhaf is finally here, available in the shop for purchase. Some models didn't make it to production due to unforeseen problems in the Rapid Prototyping process but they are soon to be released with some more miniatures which are currently being designed, with "soon" meaning somewhere this summer. These include a 6-wheeled scout vehicle, a flying transport aircraft and a special miniature which will remain secret as of now. Also, a new miniature for the Progenitors is available, the "Chameleon", a small armored scout vehicle, well-suited to recon and light skirmish missions. More miniatures are being prepared for the Progenitors too - take a look on the right, you'll see "greens" of their new Spec Ops Infantry as well as greens of the Marhaf Darhan Infantry, which is the equivalent of other factions' Light Infantry. The Orbital Combine won't be neglected either: miniatures are being designed for them too. If you have any questions or suggestions please send them to: info@plasmablastgames.com. Thanks for visiting and for reading this!