6mm miniatures - Progenitor

- miniatures are supplied unpainted -

Tigerclaw - Super Heavy TankTigerclaw full view

Tigerclaw - Super Heavy Tank

A true mobile land fortress, the Tigerclaw bristles with an extensive arsenal of deadly weaponry including twin mammoth E/M cannon and cruise missile launcher.

8€ each

Shadowasp - Heavy Attack HoverjetShadowasp full view

Shadowasp - Heavy Attack Hoverjet

Heavy aircraft armed with double autocannon and heavy A/T missiles. Includes flying base.

2€ each

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Hammerhead - Heavy TankHammerhead full view

Hammerhead - Heavy Tank

Heavily armed and armored Progenitor tank, comes in 2 variants. Click image to see available options

2€ each

Barracuda - Medium TankBarracuda full view

Barracuda - Medium Tank

Extremely versatile medium tank, able to perform a multitude of tasks. Click image to see available options.

1.7€ each

Wolfbite - Missile TrikeWolfbite full view

Wolfbite - 3x3 Missile Trike

Lightly armored multi-terrain trike armed with A/T missiles, ideal for "pack hunting" and lightning fast hit-and-run attacks.

1€ each


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